Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition - Page 42

This has been a challenging year but overall I have overcome many challenges including: working at home, dealing with quarantine and adapting to a whole other period of living. School has been very different knowing all of the social distancing rules and the masks but overall I was happy to be back and see all my classmates. Even though there was covid throughout the year as a school, we only had to quarantine once and I think we have done a good job in not getting sick and trying our best to be safe. I think even though online school isn’t the best choice for education, I have still adapted to it quite well and I think myself and many others would think it's better than actual school.

Wearing masks at the start of the year was quite hard because they would keep irritating my nose and face but now it seems impossible going to school without them. I have only travelled out of Malta once this year so it was very challenging but at least now I understand the benefits of travelling and how we should respect life the way it is and how a pandemic can just change it in many different and tough ways.

Anna Bryukhovetskaya