Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition - Page 41

My experience in the pandemic was dull and hard. We needed to use technology even if it fails you. Frantically emailing teachers and texting friends for information became a very common thing due to teachers either making a mistake or not finding the zoom URL.

I adapted rather slowly but now I am more resilient and adaptable, it is quite an experience I will never forget and it taught me things that I couldn’t have ever learnt another way.

Education and school has changed so much, now we talk less and do most of our work on computers, which I enjoy for the most part. Online school at times got repetitive and boring and at times lonely, it made me more self reliable.

Staying at home made us all gain weight, so I had to adapt, and go on runs, walks and at home workouts. I learned how to do at home workouts due to the pandemic.

My takeaway from this pandemic is that I now know how to adapt to new situations and learn things that couldn’t be learned any other way.

Abdul Alsawari.