Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition - Page 40


Too much screen time(needed to spend all day in front of a computer). Too much time with my brother(He lives with me).


Too much homework because of the pandemic from last year we didn’t learn anything and I think because of that they are giving us more homework so that we can “learn”


It has been a very tough and long year, it felt kind of boring and lonely at times. If this ever happened again I would love to minimize my screen time and spend more time with my family doing something I enjoy.


It was strange to adjust to new covid guidelines (wearing masks, social distancing etc.) It was also slightly stressful to know that we could go online at any moment. However, overall I am glad that we managed to stay at school (for the most part); added covid rules or not.

Pier -

I feel like this year messed up our school mentality because when we came back to school from online, many people still acted as if they were at home in the sense that it didn’t feel like a school, but not in a good way.


So I was going to school normally at around January 2020, when I heard about Covid-19. It was an outbreak in Wuhan, China, and there were a few cases there. Me and by friends kind of joked about it, made memes about it. It wasn’t going to reach Malta, said everyone. It wasn’t super serious.


well one good thing from this, was that we so abruptly switched from school to online learning, we had to adapt and be a bit more independent, especially with becoming better at time management, and making sure you still did exercise and weren't always looking at a screen.

It has been a really long year with a lot of uncertainty. It was hard to keep up with the work when we swapped to online. I think that online school was useful because it gave everyone more time to be creative and adapt with things they had at home. We had to balance a lot of new concepts.


These past 2 years have been like a rollercoaster, we had our fun times and bad times.