Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition - Page 39

Let's talk about how it all began. Crazy to think that life would have changed drastically from all the chaos of worrying about COVID 19, how long will this last for? What lessons will I learn from this? You may ask, what are they? To be fairly honest, not much in terms of my routine. I’ve been going about my day for the past year, going to school, getting to leave my house to get groceries. Whatever it is, it’s still the same. Except for a few things, having to wear the masks, sanitizing and keeping your social distance. Ok fine, I do agree with the fact that things are shut down, things are very limited now with restrictions implaced, but when you think about it you still should be grateful and appreciative for all the things you have been able to do throughout this journey. The biggest takeaway in relation to school, is doing online school. I mean we’ve all been through this, you’re not alone. We can all pick up something from one another. Whether it is how I’ve been motivating myself to get up every morning for online school or keep myself on track when it’s an Asynchronous lesson. Cause we can all agree that we might have slacked when it came to doing our work when we have a single period. Out of all the 522 students in Verdala, you have just become 1 of the many or few people who have read my reflection.

Jumana Alosta