Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition - Page 24

Covid has made some difficult times for all of us. For me, it wasn’t too difficult. I did not hate distance learning, unlike many others, and I was okay with it. Everything has worked out fine for me. However, when we were going to wear masks, it was a bit tough at the start. But a while later you get used to it. One tough thing has been not being able to visit our relatives. That is something I love to do, and it is something we might do on an Easter break or something like that. However, now we weren’t able to, and we had to enjoy our Easter break in Malta. However, that was still fine. To be honest, it feels pretty normal now to go to school with our masks on, and coming out with our masks on. It doesn’t feel strange. However, I definitely think that when we come back to school without our masks, it will feel weird. It will be weird to be allowed to do everything that we weren’t able to do now, and I think it will take a couple of days for us to actually do it. And when we do hug our friends, it will feel very strange.

Sixten Ekmark