Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition - Page 19

Over this past year with the pandemic it has been difficult for everyone, not many people have been traveling, whether it were to be their home country or to visit family. Meanwhile at the start of the pandemic my sister came to Malta from England and I had to go to my apartment and quarantine there for 2 weeks according to the health guidelines back in March. From March till the end of the school year I had online school.

These two weeks I spent with my sister in quarantine were the best and worst 2 weeks. I had just started online school and my 2 bestfriends at the time told me that they were moving away in summer. Although I was having a blast with my sister catching up with her and doing online school.

At the start of the next school year we went back to school like normal, in person. Everything was great at the start but then around November one of my other closest friends moved schools and that was why last year was the worst year for me personally because of all that happened that year.

In March and April we had online school, because of the number of highest cases recorded in Malta in one day. We stayed online for about 3 weeks. Those 3 weeks I was very unmotivated and lazy, until we went back to school I told myself I had to improve overall for the better and I couldn't let the pandemic get the best of me. I now realized that back when covid started we were all different and how much we have changed over the past year, and how people have changed for the better and how people are more appreciative and thankful now.

Costanza Bradamante