Reflections and Takeaways Special Edition - Page 18

During the past year or so, we have been going through the covid 19 pandemic. For many people this period has been tough, as jobs have been lost and health problems, not only physically but mentally as well, have risen. But what many people don't really know that much about, is how the earth had changed during this time. During this period, many factories have been shut down and so have shops and other places, because of this the global temperature and climate change had been significantly affected. In just a few months everyone was able to notice the sudden change in the environment, reduced pollution and improved quality of air and water bodies as well, the less traffic congestion also proved helpful in reducing the CO2 emission. Just a Few months back it seemed impossible to control the rapidly increasing pollution but due to the frequent shut down of human activities nature is blooming again and the ozone layer is healing. The sky is clearer and river waste is alleviated. But now that the shops,factories and other facilities have reopened there is a significant threat that the climate would once again be affected the same way as it had been before the pandemic had started. Not only this but it is more likely that the climate would probably increase more than how it was before after this pandemic has finished completely. This is most likely because during the time that the shops and places were closed people were longing for a return to normal, that they would take advantage of the resources that they have once again.

For me, during this time where the sky had been clear and the roads were empty i wished that it could stay like this forever, not the fact that people were losing their jobs and that their health had been affected by the pandemic, but how nature and wildlife had healed to how it should be, and if only it went on for longer, global warming could have been almost permanently healed from the terrible impact that we humans had created and left behind.

Sophie Gera de Petri